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DRIP Strategies


Find Next Investment Date

Find the next investment dates for the companies in your portfolio.


INVEST% is The Moneypaper Inc.'s trademarked "contrarian tool" to help you buy low and sell high--the goal of every investment. INVEST% does not recommend specific stocks, but it calculates optimum times to buy and sell based on the 52-week moving HIGH and LOW of any given DRIP stock.

Search for Stocks that Offer Direct Investing--or DRIPs

There are over 1300 companies that offer DRIPs, but which ones are right for you? Use our DRIP search to find in-depth information and updated stock pricing on every company that provides a DRIP.

Calculate Long Term Growth

Want to know what it will take to retire in style? Use our investment tool to get on the right track.

Rule Of 72

There’s no better feeling than seeing your money grow. Use the “Rule of 72” to see how long you need or what return you need to your assets.

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