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Information about the DRIP of the company you inquired about is listed here.

Company Found:

Ecolab Inc. (ECL) -- NYSE

Industry: Cleaning & sanitizing products

Number of shares needed to join the DRIP: 1 Share(s)

Minimum amount accepted by the plan for subsequent investments: $10.00

Maximum amount accepted by the plan for subsequent investments: 60,000/year

Fees charged by plan for subsequent investments: $0.00

Fees charged by plan for dividend reinvestments: $0!

Recent Price: $179.86

(continued from above) there's no need to save up to invest when you're enrolled in a DRIP — you just fund your DRIP with any acceptable amount you intend to invest, and it gets invested. There are many other advantages of DRIP investing.

To enroll in most no-fee DRIPs, you must first be a shareholder — in most cases a single share of stock will qualify you to become a registered owner of a DRIP account with the company of your choice. Hence, the easiest and the most efficient way to become enrolled in a DRIP account is through the enrollment service offered by Temper of the Times Investor Services, Inc., a fully licensed broker/dealer that specializes in DRIP enrollments. Temper will purchase the required amounts of share(s), will get the account(s) opened in your name and will send you notices in accordance with FINRA reporting rules. Temper charges a one-time enrollment fee to get your DRIP account to be set up.

Once a DRIP account is established with the company or companies of your choice, you then will be able to send future instructions pertinent to your DRIP account directly to the transfer agent representing that particular company or companies, which will then accept your future investments for direct instructed processing within your DRIP account.