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The strategy of investing in common stocks of companies offering direct investment accounts is available to virtually every investor through no-fee (or nominal fees) Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs). DRIPs are company-sponsored plans that allow shareholders to invest directly without going through a broker and paying commissions.


DRIPs were Initially set up for employees to affordably buy stock in the companies they work for. Now they are open to anyone and are designed to accept (in many cases) investments as small as $25 at a time that can be invested to buy shares or fractions of shares. That means that (scroll down to read more)


Information about the DRIP of the company you inquired about is listed here.

Company Found:

F.N.B. Corp. (FNB) -- NYSE

Industry: Banking

Number of shares needed to join the DRIP: 50 Share(s)

Minimum amount accepted by the plan for subsequent investments: $50.00

Maximum amount accepted by the plan for subsequent investments: $10,000/month

Fees charged by plan for subsequent investments: Co. pays fee

Fees charged by plan for dividend reinvestments: Co. pays fee

Recent Price: $13.23

We cannot purchase this company since it requires more than 1 share to qualify.