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Once your account is open, you can send dollar amounts to buy shares (or fractions of shares) directly through the company without going through a stockbroker. In most cases, there will be no fee for the transaction. Here's a link to all available "No Fee DRIPs". For a complete list of every DRIP available through Temper of the Times enrollment services, please click here

The enrollment service provided by Temper of the Times Investor Services handles the entire process. It deals with the transfer agent on your behalf to provide you with direct shareholder status on the company records.

The cost for the service is a one-time fee of $60 for members of the general public. ($30 for DRIP Club Members - here you will be re-directed to the website of Moneypaper Publications Inc., a company affiliated with Temper of the Times through common holding group ownership - Please note: Temper of the Times is not responsible for content of that website - we only execute unsolicited DRIP account establishment orders for our customers).

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