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Dear DRIP Investors,

We have been helping people enroll in DRIPs since 1986. Many of our subscribers have written to express their thanks and describe the outcome of their DRIP investments. It has been a source of pride and our great pleasure to have assisted in your efforts to secure financial security.

However, after 35 years we have decided to stop fulfilling orders for enrollments after the March cycle. Moneypaper, via the website, will continue to provide information about DRIPs and the enrollment process.

As always, good luck,

Vita Nelson


Group DRIP Club Membership

The value to employers of Group DRIP Club Membership

Group DRIP Club Membership is only available to subscribers to Moneypaper.

Group DRIP Club Membership provides each member of your group with all the tools they need to invest without a broker: access to information on over 1,000 DRIPs and the opportunity to enroll in these DRIPs at the lowest possible cost.

What are the benefits for your Group?

Each member of your group can have the following benefits:

  • A 50% discount on DRIP enrollment.
  • Access to Advanced DRIP Search, the online version of The Moneypaper Inc.’s Guide to Direct Investment Plans that includes advanced search capabilities. Instead of reading through hundred of pages of company listings, your group members can quickly and efficiently find the companies by searching the database based on specific criteria such as industry, discounts, price, quality rating, and much more.
  • Access to the twice-monthly Featured Stock Notice (the $15 stock special which arrives by email along with Commentary by David Fish).

How much will it cost you (or your group) to sign up?

The cost of DRIP Club Membership is $200. The sponsoring subscriber can pay the full amount or each member of the group can pay his or her share of this annual fee. This fee entitles each member of your group to the benefits described above. (There can be up to 100 individuals in the group.)

  • Individually, membership costs $129. As a member of a group sponsored by a subscriber, that cost can be substantially reduced. As an example, say your group is made up of 20 people. In that case, each group member would pay just $10.

Does the group have to buy into DRIP Club Membership every year?

No. The initial $200 fee for one year’s membership gives each group member the ability to build a DRIP portfolio efficiently and at a low cost. In subsequent years, if the members of the group wish renew their membership, they can do so individually or as a group. Or, they may decide to become a subscriber themselves (in which case they would have all the benefits of membership plus a great deal more).

Signing up is simple!

Enter your name and address and payment information: You will get log in information by email. You will share that email log in information with as many as 100 individuals. That’s all there is to it.

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