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Our mission is to help small investors enter the market on a level playing field with the big guys and invest efficiently. Sadly, most people think they need to go through a broker and pay commissions to own stock in some of America’s top companies.


What they don't know is that many companies have organized DRIPs (Dividend Reinvestment Plans) in order to make it possible and convenient for employees and customers, regardless of their financial status, to reap the rewards of stock ownership. We've been educating individuals like you about direct investing since 1984.On our website, you'll find a lot of research and helpful information free for the taking.


Additionally, we invite you to become a DRIP Club member and enjoy much more – including a substantial 50% discount off the enrollment fee of any and all DRIPs you choose. In fact, you’re invited to become a DRIP Club membership for a discounted fee (and save up to $50) just because you visited our website.


Your membership includes all these benefits:

50% Enrollment Discount in any DRIP you choose. You always pay just $30. (Non-members pay $60.)
Members-only invitations to enroll in the Featured DRIP of the Month for just $20. (Non-members pay $40.)
Full Access to all research, education and recommendations on, including unlimited access to prospectus details for every company that offers direct investing.
INVEST%. This proprietary real time calculator takes the guesswork out of knowing exactly when to buy to take optimal advantage of the benefits of dollar-cost averaging.
Unlimited Access to our Advanced DRIP Search. With just a few clicks, you can compare companies and narrow your search to hone in on exactly which stocks meet your investing goals of diversification and building an optimal portfolio.
Access to all the picks in ALL SIX Actively-Managed Model DRIP Portfolios with cumulative gains of 25.8%, 17.99%, 16.91%, 11.37%, 14.63% and 8.14% since 1997.
Unlimited Access to our “Extra Dividend” Database. Enter any ticker symbol into this tool and you’ll know exactly when to add shares right before the Ex-Dividend Date to ensure your extra dividend payout.
Free Access to all market commentary and investing guidance from the team that has helped self-reliant individuals accumulate wealth for more than 30 years.
12 MONTHS DRIP Club Membership for only $129


6 MONTHS DRIP Club Membership for only $79

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