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DRIP Strategies

Suggested Portfolio

The Starter Portfolio (Portfolio #1) contains a well-diversified group of five companies—each representing an important industry. With each additional portfolio, you will gain greater portfolio diversification. We believe that a 20 stock portfolio provides sufficient diversification to minimize investment risk, but it is up to you to decide how much diversification is appropriate given your financial circumstances. Please keep in mind that it does not pay to open a DRIP account that you cannot afford to fund with subsequent investments.

You might start with Portfolio #1 (below) and add Portfolios in the order shown as your finanical situation allows.

Search for Companies that Meet your Objectives

The "Search for DRIPs" link at provides information about every stock available from the universe of 1,300 companies that offer this investor friendly approach. Use this link to identify DRIP stocks and search for appropriate investments from the total universe of DRIP stocks. Be sure to login as a subscriber, or sign up for a guest pass.

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