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Dear DRIP Investors,

We have been helping people enroll in DRIPs since 1986. Many of our subscribers have written to express their thanks and describe the outcome of their DRIP investments. It has been a source of pride and our great pleasure to have assisted in your efforts to secure financial security.

However, after 35 years we have decided to stop fulfilling orders for enrollments after the March cycle. Moneypaper, via the website, will continue to provide information about DRIPs and the enrollment process.

As always, good luck,

Vita Nelson


Frequently Asked Questions about Our Publications

Q: What kind of information will I find in Moneypaper?

A: This Website focuses on ways for smaller investors to participate in the stock market at acceptable levels of risk. What's more, it gives what's needed to implement the suggestions it makes--including an enrollment service to help subscribers 9and others) open direct investment plan accounts (DRIPs) so they can invest in equities without opening a brokerage account.

Here are some features that are useful

  • The Moneypaper's Guide to Direct Investment Plans is an annual release containing comprehensive information drawn from the plan prospectuses of companies that have direct investment plans (DRIPs). At, you can search this database to find the companies that meet your criteria for long-term investments.
  • INVEST% online gives up-to-date contrarian guidance. It is formula driven to help you avoid over reacting to short-term market conditions. When the price of a stock is nearer to its 52-week high, it will suggest an investment amount that is less than your pre-determined amount and when it is nearer to its lows, it will suggest a larger investment amount.

  • PortfolioKEEPER -- The Moneypaper online portfolio tracking system integrates INVEST% online, DRIP prospectus information, with the investor’s personal portfolio.

Q: If I subscribe for DRIP Club Membership, will I get the reduced rate when I use the enrollment service?

A: Yes. DRIP Club Members pay half as much as members of the general public to become enrolled in a DRIP through the enrollment service offered by Temper of the Times Investor Services, Inc.

Q: What is The Moneypaper's Guide to Direct Investment Plans?

A: It is the most comprehensive, reliable DRIP information resource available. It gives you complete, up-to-date details of more than 1,000 plans--or virtually every company plan offered.

Q: What kind of company DRIP information will I find in the Guide?

A: Virtually every DRIP that permits optional cash investments is listed alphabetically and by industry. Included are each company's cash limits and investment frequency, and whether it offers a discount. You will also find phone numbers and complete instructions on how to invest in the DRIP of that company.

Q: If I order The Moneypaper's Guide to Direct Investment Plans, will I get the reduced rate when I use the enrollment service?

A: No. only DRIP Club Members, are eligible for the reduced rate when enrolling in DRIPs.

Q: I have been managing my DRIP accounts for years. How would I benefit from managing with PortfolioKEEPER?

A: PortfolioKEEPER eliminates paperwork and creates a more efficient investment environment for you to monitor and manage your investment activity. Our proprietary online INVEST% calculator and The Moneypaper's Guide to Direct Investment Plans are integrated into PortfolioKEEPER, delivering a comprehensive DRIP information dashboard. You are able to get instant online access to a history of your portfolio--both your DRIP holdings and your non-DRIP holdings. You can select lots for sale based on whether you want to recognize a loss or a gain. You get reminders of the next investment date..

Q: If I subscribe to PortfolioKEEPER, will I get the reduced rate when I use the enrollment service?

A: No. Only DRIP Club Members, are eligible for the reduced rate when enrolling in DRIPs.

Q: What does INVEST% do and why would I need it?

A: INVEST% helps you avoid the crowd mentality. It calculates the amount to invest based on a formula that includes the stock’s 52-week moving high and low. When the price of a stock is near its 52-week high, the amount to invest is reduced, and when prices are near their lows, the amount is raised. This formula has succeeded over the years in helping subscribers to withstand the natural urge to buy when the exuberance of the marketplace pushes prices up too high.

Q: Does INVEST% recommend specific stocks?

A: INVEST% does NOT recommend specific stocks, nor does it consider company fundamentals. However, by following its calculated results and diversifying your holdings, you will optimize your investment strategies, reduce overall risk, and identify bargain stock opportunities, enabling you to accumulate stock in the companies you select at a lower cost per share.

Frequently Asked Questions about DRIPs

Q: What are direct investment plans (direct stock purchase plans, dividend reinvestment plans, DRIPS, DSPPs, DRPs)?

A: These plans are called by many different names but are quite simply plans offered by companies to invest without a broker. In general, they will reinvest dividends and accept cash investments directly, which will be invested based on the company’s investing schedule. Every plan establishes its own investing schedule and other rules. The Guide to Direct Investment Plans contains the prospectus details for these plans.

Q: Can my IRA be invested through DRIPs?

A: The Internal Revenue Service code requires that a financial institution act as a custodian for an IRA. Thus, in general, if you wish to invest IRA funds through DRIPs, you must have a bank act as custodian of your IRA to make those investments. However, some companies are organized to provide custodial services and will open IRAs through their DRIPs. (A small service fee may apply.) The Guide to Direct Investment Plans contains such information.

Q: Once I purchase the initial share, how do I continue investing?

A: The enrollment service includes opening an account for you directly on the company’s books. You will get a statement from the company indicating your ownership of one share. That statement will have a tear off portion at the bottom that you can return along with a check, which will be deposited into your account and used to buy additional shares on the next investment date. Your cost for the shares will be the market price when the shares were purchased. Every company has its own schedule for investments.

Q: Can I send a check to a company to open an account and start buying shares?

A: Some companies will open an account for an individual who is not already a shareholder. Those companies are indicated with a “DE” in The Guide to Direct Investment Plans. You will notice that most companies that allow you to open an account without first being a shareholder charge fees--not only the one time fee for opening the account but also for each optional cash investment. The plans that are truly "shareholder benefits" require that you own at least a minimum number of shares (generally one share) to qualify to join the plan. In general, these are the no-fee plans.

Q: Can I enroll in the plan if I am already a shareholder of the company?

A: Yes. But, if the shares are registered in "street name," the company will not recognize you as a shareholder. In that case, ask your broker to reissue some or all of the shares in your name. Then contact the transfer agent and request the forms required to open an account.

Q: Will I be required to invest a certain amount in order to keep my DRIP account open?

A: No. As long as there is at least a single share in the account, the account will remain open. You do not have to invest any money at all, unless and until you want to. When you wish to make a cash investment into your account, you will have to abide by the plan rules. Most plans have a minimum amount that will be accepted, but these amounts vary widely. Coca-Cola, for example, will accept as little as $10, whereas Church & Dwight requires at least $250, and in between there are hundreds of DRIPs that let you invest $50 or less. As stated earlier, even though there are investment minimums, you do not have to invest anything at all until you choose to do so.

Q: Can I make investments whenever I want into my DRIP?

A: You send your check to fund your account at any time. However, the plan will invest that money based on a schedule that it determines. Some plans invest on a daily or weekly basis; others invest once a month and a few plans invest on a quarterly basis. You should become familiar with the investment schedule of the DRIPs you hold and invest efficiently. Since the transfer agent holds your funds until the investment date but you do not get any interest on it, it make sense to invest your money as close to the plan cutoff date as possible-without cutting it too close. information concerning the next investment date is provided under member benefits at

Q: How can I sell DRIP shares?

A: Once you have accumulated a round lot (100 shares), you might want to ask the transfer agent to have those shares certificated and sent to you. Some transfer agents take longer than others, and at best it will take a week or two. (If you hvae a single share in storage at home, ask that 99 shares be certificated so that you can get rid of that one share when you sell a round lot.) With that certificate immediately available to you, you can call your broker and place a sell order whenever you wish.

You can also sell through the plan. As the transfer agent to liquidate shares within the plan and send a check to you. In most cases, you will benefit from a lower institutional commission rate, but you may be better off by using a discount broker because you will have more control over the selling price. Information about the selling practices of each company is included in the Guide to Direct Investment Plans.

Q: Is there any reason why a certificate for one share would be better than book entry to open an account?

A: No, In most cases, it is much more convenient for you to have your account opened on a book entry basis. That way, you will not have a certificate for a single share to keep track of and, presumably, to sell some day.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Enrollment Service

Q: Is Temper of the Times Investor Services a broker/dealers?

A:Technically, yes. We are registered with the SEC and we are members of FINRA, and protected by SIPC. However, it is basically an order taker for DRIP enrollments. That is its only function.

Q: What is the minimum $ to open an account with Temper of the Times Investor Services?

A: There is no minimum to open an account. Temper does not keep your account on its books. It gathers the share that you will need to participate in a plan and gets those shares registered iin your name. It then contacts the transfer agent for each company to have a DRIP account opened in your name and deposits the share in that account.

Q: How much does it cost to enroll in a direct investment plan (dividend reinvestment plan or DRIP)?

A: Temper charges a one-time service fee of $60 ($30 if you are a subscriber). The charge applies to company. In addition to this service charge, you must pay for the cost of the shares.

Q: Is there a minimum number of shares I need in order to qualify to enroll in the DRIP?

A: Yes. That number is generally one share. However, some plans require more than one share. The DRIP enrollment service will open your account with the minimum number required by the plan.

Q: What is the easiest way to get enrolled in a DRIP (Direct Investment Plan, Direct Stock Purchase Plan, Dividend Reinvestment Plan)?

A: Temper of the Times Investor Services Inc, a registered broker/dealer, performs all the necessary functions to open DRIP accounts for individuals. The Temper Enrollment Service has provided this service for hundreds of thousands of individuals since 1986.

Q: How long will it take to become enrolled?

A: The Temper Enrollment Service accepts new orders until the last business day of each month. Shares are purchased at the beginning of the following month. The enrollment process should be completed by the end of the month. You will get notification from the enrollment service when the share is deposited into your account. However, some companies won't acknowledge your new account until after they reinvest your first dividends.

Q: Can I get enrolled without using the Temper Enrollment Service?

A: A single share will qualify you for most plans (although some plans may require more-typically, 2, 5, 10, or 25 shares). You can buy the required number of shares (or more) from any broker. Your broker must be willing to buy the shares in your name and not “street name.” After you meet the shareholder status to qualify for entry, you can contact the transfer agent for the company and request that your account be coded for direct investment (with or without dividend reinvestment).

Q: How do I fill out the Temper Enrollment Service order form?

A: First, provide the DRIP enrollment service with the correct Social Security number, name(s), and address in which you would like the stock(s) registered. (See the Guide to Direct Investment Plans for registration information.)

Enter the names and stock symbols for the companies in which you'd like us to open accounts. Determine the recent high price of the stock you selected. (Excess amounts of $25 or more will be refunded when the order is complete.) Enter the service fee $30 or $60 (the lower price is for DRIP Club Members. Order the minimum number of shares to qualify for each plan.

Add up the "Recent high" column prices, and enter 10% of that amount as a "refundable cushion." The result should be entered under "Refundable cushion." This cushion is requested just in case the recent high is exceeded by the time your shares are purchased. If the cost of the stock (as indicated on the statement) is less than the amount you sent, the difference will be refunded to you.

Q: What should I expect to receive after I have sent in an order for DRIP enrollment?

A: You will be sent a final "Confirmation/Statement", which shows an accounting after Temper has received statements from all companies you ordered, with an indication of the actual price paid for each share. This final accounting will include either a check or a request for additional funds.

Q: How will I know that my order for DRIP enrollment is progressing properly?

A: Status reports/notifications are automatically sent if there will be a delay in getting an account open. In addition, you can enter your personal information and your order number to get a status report online at the home page of

Q: What happens after I am successfully enrolled in a DRIP?

A: Every company plan is different. Some companies automatically enroll you in the plan without your having to first sign an authorization form. Other companies will open an account on a book entry basis. In that case, you will not get a certificate. Once the enrollment process is complete, you will be sent a statement showing that you have an account with a single share. You will get additional statements each time you send an investment and each time a dividend is deposited into your account. having joined the DRIP, you may make periodic investments without going through a broker. In most cases there will be no charges associated with the investment. In some cases there will be fee of up to $5 - an amount that is charged by the transfer agents of some high-fee companies. Those high-fee companies are indicated with an (!) in the Guide.

Q: If the DRIP enrollment is completed, why haven't I received a certificate?

A: Temper always requests that the transfer agent open an account on a book entry basis. Therefore, you will not receive a certificate. Some transfer agents open accounts, as requested on a book-to-book basis, will send you an enrollment form immediately; some will send a statement showing the first shares; and some will wait until the first dividend is reinvested and send you a statement at that time.

Q: I have already received a final statement and a refund check from the Temper Service but my DRIP is not yet open. Why?

A: Temper sends you a refund for any extra money you sent the minute it knows the cost of the share(s). Then instructions go to the transfer agent to transfer a share to you. Getting the share transferred and getting your account open are all separate procedures.

By and large, you will be enrolled in a plan and receive notification of your new account two to three weeks after the stock purchase date (which is generally around the 10th of the month).

The transfer agent may not inform you that your account is open. However, some companies that open accounts on a book-to-book basis don't send statements unless an investment is made (your first dividend, therefore, may be the occasion for the first statement from these companies). For this reason, you may want to contact the transfer agent about three weeks after the date Temper sent your name for transfer. The agent can give you your account number and you can send in your first investment

Q: Where can I enroll with the help of the Temper Enrollment Service?

A: You can enroll online at , or simply fill out an order form (you can get these by calling 800-388-9993). Printable order forms are available online at Look under the “ forms ” link.

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