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A Fee that Happens Only Once

A Fee that Happens Only Once


Temper Enrollment Service E*Trade ShareBuilder
Minimum To Open $0 $1,000 $0
Register share in your name $60 ($30 for subscribers) $40 $75
DRIP Enrollment Yes! No! No
Transaction Per Trade $0!* $9.99 $6.95


* More than 400 companies do not charge fees.

A Fee that Happens Only Once!

How many times have you invested time and money into something that seemed like a “great deal”, only to be slammed with hidden fees buried in the fine print? Not with the Temper Enrollment Services!

The most efficient way to build wealth in the stock market

For a one-time $60 fee ($30 for subscribers) we start your relationship with any of over 1000 different companies. Once the transaction is complete, Temper Enrollment Services never asks you for another dime…..EVER! Make as many purchase orders as you want for that company directly with the transfer agent and never pay another fee to Temper. You should be aware that some companies charge fees for investing and/or dividend reinvesting. Click here to read DRIPs and fees.

The pseudo DRIP company (ShareBuilder) offers you low fees as long as you commit to trading each company 12 times a year. Temper Enrollment Services does not depend on your paying continuing fees. It transfers share(s) to your name and opens an account for you on the books and records of the company. When you order directly through the company, you’re in control of how often you invest. If the company doesn't charge fees you can invest as often as you please completely free of any transaction costs.

Fees Can Really Add Up

At first glance, investing with an online brokerage house seems like a low-cost way to start and maintain a portfolio. But, as you can see in the calculator below, even small fees add up over time.

Calculate Cost of Fees Over a Period of Time
# Of Companies In Your Portfolio:
# Of Years You Invest:
# Of Times You Invest Per Year:
Cost Per Trade:

The Moneypaper recommends having a well-diversified portfolio of at least 10 stocks in 10 different industries. If you were to follow that advice, adding funds once a month per company, you would end up making 120 trades a year. If you consider having to pay that fee for 10 or 20 years or more, that "low-cost" trading opportunity can be viewed for what it really is--a prohibitively expensive way to invest.

Getting enrolled requires a one time cost of $60 ($30 for DRIP Club Members) to make your initial purchase. After that, you can invest regularly in a no-fee DRIP and pay absolutely nothing. Project that out over 5, 10 or 20 years or more and it becomes very clear why investing through no-fee or low-fee DRIPs is a wise choice for investors.

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