Vita Nelson, Editor & Publisher

In 1981, I came up with the idea of publishing a newsletter for people who thought that investing was too hard and too dangerous. I had just sold Westchester Magazine, which I had started ten years earlier and was having trouble making investment decisions for the proceeds of that sale.

The Moneypaper Publications LLC was originally conceived as a publication for women. The goal was to provide financial information in a way that could be easily understood, without the financial gobble-de-gook that was prevalent in the early 1980s.

The Moneypaper Publications LLC played a part in helping people understand that financial products could be evaluated and understood as well as the products you buy in the supermaket. By removing the mystique associated with investing, both women and men were empowered to ask pertinent questions and expect to understand the answers. The Moneypaper Publications LLC counseled that if the answers weren't easily understood, either the product was deficient or the sales person didn't understand it him- or herself. Those who followed that simple approach to investing were protected from the recent implosion of derivative products and mortgage-backed securities.

Now, nearly thirty years later, information and strategies to "level the playing field" between large and small investors are more important than ever.

The Moneypaper Publications LLC was one of the earliest advocates of direct investment plans (DSPPs, DRPs, or DRIPs) and is known for having spearheaded the movement toward direct investing. Specifically, it explained how smaller investors participating in the stock market could do so efficiently and profitably by making regular investments through direct DRIPs. is well-regarded by the members of the media and has been quoted in just about every important financial publication. Our Web site,, provides comprehensive information about the operations of virtually every company that offers direct investing and provides a service to help individuals become enrolled in the direct investment plans (DRIPs) of about 1,200 different companies.

Temper of the Times Investor Services, Inc. (Temper) is a broker/dealer registered with the SEC and members of FINRA. The sole purpose of this brokerage is to provide the initial share(s) required by companies in order for an investor to join it's direct investment plan. To find out more about the enrollment service, go to

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