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About Moneypaper Publications LLC.

Moneypaper is the publisher of The Guide to Direct Investing Plans and is the owner/manager of the website.

Our goal in 1981, when we first began publishing, was to explain the benefits of investing to small investors who were generally disregarded by Wall Street.

Moneypaper is known for having spear headed a movement toward direct investing, helping smaller investors participate in the stock market efficiently and profitably by making regular investments through direct investment plans (DRIPs).

Today, Moneypaper still provides education and strategies to help both small and large investors build wealth faster.

Moneypaper recommends a long-term approach to investing. It offers strategies and provides services to help investors build wealth. It is dedicated to educating both small and large investors about ways to minimize investment risk.

About Temper of the Times

  • Temper of the Times Investor Services, Inc. (Temper) is a self clearing broker/dealer registered with the SEC and member of FINRA. The sole purpose of this brokerage is to provide the initial share(s) required by many companies in order for an investor to join the company direct investment plan.

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