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Temper of the Times Investor Services is a fully licensed broker/dealer that specializes in DRIP enrollments. Unlike traditional broker/dealers, the Temper Enrollment Service (TES) provides an efficient way to open a Direct Investing Plan (DRIP) account. TES was originally organized in 1986 to help subscribers to The Moneypaper qualify for entry into DRIPs. In 1996, it became registered and has since then offered its services to the general public as well.

TES buys the initial qualifying share(s) in the customer's name, deals with the transfer agent to get the account open, and sends the customer notices in accordance with FINRA reporting rules. It charges a one-time fee for the service and receives no further fees for subsequent investments.

Although Moneypaper Publications LLC is not involved with the operations at Temper, Temper is an affiliated company that was organized to help DRIP Club members qualify for DRIPs. Temper Enrollment Service order forms are available at the Temper site Orders can be placed online, or by mail (by printing out a form). You can also call 1-800-388-9993 for an enrollment order form.

Keep in mind that although the charge for enrollment is a one-time event and there are no further charges levied by the enrollment service, if the company plan has fees, the investor will pay these fees regardless of whether he or she joined the plan through the transfer agent or used the Temper service to become a shareholder. Investors should consider the effect of the fees on their investments.


How Does the Temper Enrollment Service Work?


There are nearly 1,300 public companies that allow members of the public to invest directly without going through a stockbroker. These are the companies that sponsor direct investment plans, (DRIPs). Each company has its own rules about investing through its plan. Many companies require that the investor must own at least a single share of stock in order to qualify to join the DRIP.


Differences between Temper and other Brokers

- Temper buys the shares in the customer's name and not in :street name" which is the stockbroker's name.


- Temper does not retain the customer's account.


- Temper opens ana ccount for the customer on the books of the company and takes the customer's off its books.


- Temper charges a one-time fee for the service and receives no further fees for subsequent investments.


Once the DRIP account is open, the customer is able to send investments directly to his or her account with the company. Since the investments are made directly, without the assistance of a stockbroker, it is efficient and cost-effective to invest small amounts regularly over a period of years to accumulate assets at a variety of price points.


Temper charges an enrollment service fee for each DRIP account it opens. The fee is $60 for members of the general public and $30 for DRIP Club Members.


How Long Does It Take To Be Enrolled in a DRIP?

In general, it takes three to four weeks from the purchase date of the shares for your account to be open and ready for your first DRIP investments.


Temper closes its books for new orders on the last day of the month and the stock is purchased on or about the 10th of the following month. Shares are wired to each transfer agent on settlement, which is generally after three days. Each transfer agent has it’s own way of operating and some are more competent than others. In some cases, a stock certificate will be sent to you by the transfer agent, in some cases a transfer agent will require that the shareholder request a company enrollment form.


The enrollment service handles the enrollment details for you and in the rare instance where your participation is required, it will guide you through the process.

Enrollment Order Forms, W-9 Forms, and W-8 Forms

Forms are available under the ”Forms” link on the yellow navigation bar at Otherwise, you can call 800-388-9993, or contact the Temper Enrollment Service by mail at PO BOX 461, Rye, NY 10580.


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