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Dear Potential DRIP Club Member,


     We want you to know about DRIP Investing!


     Investing through DRIPs (direct investment plans) takes a lot of the risk out of investing in equities. You don’t need to decide whether or not this is the “right time” to get into the market or a particular stock. With DRIPs, it’s always the right time. That’s because, with DRIPs, you can build your position by investing small amounts regularly over the years without paying brokerage commissions for each purchase. And, with DRIPs, you can start investing right now—no matter how much or how little money you have. You don’t need to save up to open a brokerage account. It takes only one share to qualify for most DRIPs and after that, you can invest amounts of as little as $25 or $50 (without fees or commissions for many companies).


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      If you invest the same amount routinely, you will end up buying more shares at the lower prices. That’s dollar-cost averaging, which is just one of the strategies that DRIP investing makes easy. For instance, diversification comes easily through DRIPs because you can start with a single share of a lot of different companies.


      And you won’t have to deal with a broker. The companies you own are held in your own name on the books of the company and not in Street Name, as they would be with any traditional broker. To get enrolled, you can use the services of the Temper Enrollment Service—which is a Moneypaper affiliate.


      Which brings me to another reason why you might want DRIP Club Membership—members pay just 50% of what members of the general public pay when they use the enrollment service. That’s a very popular benefit of membership.


     And, if it’s reduced enrollment fees that are appealing, we’ve decided to go one step further and give you one enrollment…absolutely free.


      As a first time subscriber for DRIP Club Membership, we’ll pay the enrollment fee for one of the fine companies on the list below.


     But that’s not all . . . the regular subscription price is $179, but you won’t pay that. You can subscribe for a full year for just $100!


     It adds up to your benefit: By accepting this offer, you save $60 on an enrollment fee—and even more important, you get started as a regular investor in at least one great company. You pay only $100 for your membership ($79 less than the regular price). After that, the cost of enrollments will be 50% less than what others pay. That means that you can build your portfolio to include other great companies--and do so in the most cost efficient manner possible.


      You pay $100 for membership and one enrollment. If you were to order enrollment and then subscribe, the cost will be $239--$60 plus $179. The total savings afforded by using this form to subscribe is a startling $139. But act immediately. This offer is only available until the end of May.


      We look forward to helping you take advantage of the opportunity to build wealth by investing directly in a well-diversified portfolio of stocks--without paying excessive commissions or fees.



Vita Nelson