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Get Ready for the Holiday with this Great Gift Idea

Get Ready for the Holiday with this Great Gift Idea. . .


As a DRIP investor and a Moneypaper subscriber you understand the power of compounding and the importance of learning about money--EARLY.  


      Becoming a stockholder is a great way to get interested in the world of investing.


      And establishing a diversified portfolio of high-quality stocks and continually investing and reinvesting dividends is a proven strategy for building wealth over the long-term.


      And here’s the good news: You don’t have to be super-rich to set your kids on a course that will allow them to amass great wealth over the long-term.


Why a Share of Stock is a

Great Gift Idea…


        Let’s face it: learning how to invest and save for one's future comes way too late in most of our lives.


        As a DRIP investor yourself, you understand how much faster wealth grows when you invest in high-quality dividend-paying companies—especially if you invest regularly through a company’s no-fee dividend reinvestment plan.


        When you’re enrolled in a DRIP, every dollar invested buys shares (or fractions of shares)you completely avoid paying broker commissions and management fees. And you can take full advantage of every dollar you have to invest. You can put your “spare change” to work for you immediately—you don’t have to waste time (your most important asset when it comes to building wealth) by having to save up to get enough together to make an investment.


        What you may not realize is that, as a DRIP investor, your children can get started investing (with shares held in their own names) at a very early age. 


      Let this holiday season be the time when your child or grandchild gets his or her first share of stock (which comes along with enrollment in the company DRIP).


      Let this be the time when your child is inspired to get involved in his or her future financial wellbeing.


Gift Them the Privileges of DRIP Enrollment—

Wrap Up Their First Share This Holiday


        Because of your affiliation with Moneypaper, it’s convenient, fast, inexpensive and easy for you to give a holiday gift that will set him or her on a path to financial security—even great wealth.


        We’ve selected a few well-known companies, many of which have increased their dividend payout year after year. Click on the company name below for information about the company and it's DRIP.


       And, you can get a discounted enrollment fee on any or all of these stocks by using the special form you’ll find at the Temper Enrollment Service Website. To qualify for the reduced fee, orders must be on the Temper Holiday Gift form and postmarked by October 23, 2017. The form is available at the Temper Website: Look under “Links” (at the top right) for the Holiday Gift Form (Link 3).


      Your cost for enrollment in a company will be $25 (members) or $50 (non-members). To become a member and receive the lower service fee, please click here to order DRIP Club Membership.


        Enter onto the form the name and symbol for one or more of the companies as well as the recent high for the company, and include a 10% cushion over the total cost of the stock (don’t include the service fee in your calculation of the cushion). You may duplicate the form for each gift recipient. Please use this form only to order gifts for minors or young adults. The reduced service fee is offered to make it more affordable for our customers to help their children initiate a DRIP investing strategy.


        The companies available are as follows:


Abbott Laboratories (ABT)- Drugs, health care    


American Water Works (AWK)- Utility-Water  


Bank of America Corp. (BAC)- Banking     


Charles Schwab Corp. (SCHW)- Financial    


Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPS)- Beverages       


General Mills Inc. (GIS)- Food processing   


Hormel Foods Corp. (HRL)- Food processor marketer    


Raytheon Co. (RTN)- Aerospace/defense   


Union Pacific Corp. (UNP)- Railroad



        Complete the form by entering the gift recipient’s information and your information. Send a check for the total due to the Temper Enrollment Service. The enrollment order form will guide you through the process. 


You’ll GET:


1.     A personalized Gift Certificate declaring your purchase, mailed directly to you to present to the recipient of your gift.


2.     A single share of stock registered in the recipient’s name (and listing you as Custodian if the recipient is under 18 years of age). The recipient will get a statement from the company as soon as the stock is registered in his or her name.


3.     Full rights and privileges of DRIP enrollment in the companies you choose—which allows you (or the recipient—or any other interested person) to invest additional money directly, without paying broker commissions or management fees.


        Most important, of course, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have introduced your loved one to the world of investing in one of the most efficient yet least well-known ways to build wealth for the future.


        Don’t delay. Your order must be postmarked by October 23 in order for the stock to be purchased on the November investing cycle.


Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday!


Vita Nelson

Editor, Moneypaper Publications LLC


P.S. Act now and there’s one less person to shop for later. Simply fill out the Holiday Gift Form and send it back to us. You may print and fill out forms for as many young people you wish to provide with this wonderful gift.


Your order will be executed by Temper of the Times Investor Services, a registered broker-dealer and an affiliate of Moneypaper Publications. Temper bears no responsibility for any information herein listed, and Temper conveys no opinion or recommendation as to the merits of investing in any securities.


Disclaimer: None of these selected companies charge fees. However companies may change the previsions of their plans at any time--including adding fees.