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28 DRIP Stocks Increasing Payouts Soon 03/16/16

28 DRIP Stocks Increasing Payouts Soon

After the market volatility that started 2016, it's clearly a perfect time to focus on the benefits provided by companies with lengthy streaks of annual dividend increases, a feature that enhances the compounding achieved by Dividend Reinvestment (DRIPs) and Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA). There are more than 330 companies that have raised their dividend for at least five straight years and offer company-sponsored DRIPs. Owning such companies magnifies returns by using reinvested dividends that are steadily rising to generate dividends of their own.


Among the companies that have recently declared a dividend increase are Cisco Systems (CSCO) (6 years, Ex-Div. 4/4/16), Hasbro Inc. (HAS) (13 years, Ex-Div. 4/28/16), PepsiCo Inc. (PEP) (44 years, Ex-Div. 6/1/16), and Sempra Energy (SRE) (13 years, Ex-Div. 3/23/16). Buying such stocks just before the Ex-Dividend Date gets the “compounding machine” running as soon as possible, so keeping an eye on the previous year's increase date provides a distinct advantage over other investors.


Here's a sampling of candidates that have established a history of steadily rising dividends and have Ex-Dividend Dates coming up in the weeks ahead:



No.Yrs=Consecutive years of higher dividends; MR=Most Recent; DGR=Dividend Growth Rate. For a list of No-fee company-sponsored DRIPs, click here: Note that it may take several weeks to complete the enrollment in a company's DRIP, so becoming a participant in the plan may mean missing the next dividend, but the important thing to remember is that another dividend is just around the corner, so patience - always important in long-term investing -–will pay its own dividend over time.