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About DRIPs (DRIP Learning Center)

DRIPs that Welcome Foreign Investors

There are 773 companies in the DRIP database that welcome foreign investors.

Full access to this site, including listings of companies available to foreign investors, is included free for subscribers to DRIP Club members. Site access can also be purchased separately.

Foreign investors should keep the following in mind:

• They may face tax obligations in their own country on dividends and company-paid fees, just as U.S. investors do here.

• Investments must be made using U.S. currency.

• The enrollment procedure is the same as for U.S. citizens, except that a W-8 tax form must be filed so that taxes are not withheld from dividend distributions.

You can print a copy of the W-8 Form here.

Once you've decided on the DRIPs in which you’d like to enroll, you can do so online at this site.


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