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    October 19, 2017

    30th Anniversary Recap

    The following is a reprint of the article that was published in the November 1987 issue of Moneypaper—which was delivered about a week after that tumultuous day.


    With today’s market at such lofty levels, some people are projecting a meltdown to rival the most severe in history. With that in mind, we thought that readers might benefit from our thoughts of immediately after the historic event of October 19, 1987. (to read the article click here)


DRIP Index: MP63

DRIP Stocks Compared with the Market from inception, 01/01/1994, through 05/22/2017
  1/1/94   Current % Change
MP 63 100.00 1208.48 1108.48
MP 63 Industrials (52) 100.00 1275.58 1175.58
Dow Jones Industrials 3754.09 20894.83 456.59
S&P 500 466.45 2394.02 413.24
NASDAQ Composite 776.80 6133.62 689.60
Russell 3000 270.13 1417.54 424.76





Vita Nelson

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