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The Moneypaper's Guide to Direct Investment Plans

D R I P Into

a Financially The Guide to Direct Investment plans

Secure Future

Take advantage of one of the most innovative and inexpensive ways to accumulate wealth over the long term--direct investment plans (DRIPs). By investing through DRIPs, even on a small investing budget, you can easily and efficiently employ two important risk-reducing strategies-- That is, wide diversification of assets and dollar-cost-averaging.

Moneypaper's Guide to Direct Investment Plans is the most comprehensive, reliable DRIP information resource available. It gives you the complete details of more than 1,000 plans--or virtually every company plan offered. With this information, you can select stocks like 3M Company, AFLAC, Dr Pepper Snapple, Exxon Mobil Corp., Foot Locker, General Mills, Johnson & Johnson, which are just a few of the many high-quality companies that accept investments directly from the investor and don't charge fees for each investments.

The guide provides a DRIP information dashboard to help you create a well-diversified portfolio of dividend paying stocks. Once enrolled in a plan you can invest small amounts on a regular basis.

You'll discover how to build a low risk, high reward portfolio of DRIP companies; you'll find out how to get started with this investing technique; and you'll get specific, accurate DRIP information to help you make informed choices.



How to . . .

  • Buy stocks without a broker
  • Eliminate sales fees & commissions
  • Invest directly in some of America's top companies
  • Establish a secure, diversified portfolio of high-quality stocks
  • Build your Portfolio with as little as $10 per investment

Specific Information includes . . .

  • Procedure to open a DRIP account
  • General instructions about registration
  • Shares needed to qualify
  • Plans without investment fees
  • Companies that open accounts directly
  • Plans offering discounts
  • Min/max investments accepted
  • Dollar-cost averaging and INVEST%
  • Buying fractional shares
  • Investment frequency and dates
  • Transfer agents and phone numbers
  • Closed-end funds
  • American Depository Receipts (ADRs)

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