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The Rest Assured Portfolio

      What Happens After 25 Years of Growth & Income?

      Back in December 1988, we asked Portfolio Editor Pat Racaniello (who recently retired) to put together a Growth & Income Portfolio that would consist of steady dividend paying stocks that could be counted on to help investors sleep well at night. The portfolio was designed to keep ahead of the long-term inflation rate, which is about 3.5%. To accomplish that goal, we looked for companies that raised their dividends on a regular basis.

      On a grander scale, we hoped that by growing a retirement portfolio of safe, dependable dividend-paying stocks, we would demonstrate the power of compounding based on the reinvestment of dividends. It appears that we have accomplished that goal. Twenty-five years later, the Rest Assured portfolio has much more than kept up with inflation and is providing substantial annual dividend income. We started with $100,000, spread among 20 companies, mostly utilities, and ended with a diverse group of high-quality companies with a value of $1,023,963, without investing another dime (beyond the reinvested dividends)! We would encourage every investor to adopt this simple strategy with at least some portion of his or her investing assets.

      Our criteria for stock selection have remained largely unchanged, albeit with a touch of flexibility: Read More




These DRIP companies met our screens for certain attributes (described within) and our standards for long-term accumulation.

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Time VS. Money

Patient long-term investors will amass wealth by following the simple strategy that direct investment plans (DRIPs) make accessible to almost everyone.

Use our quick calculator below

Assuming a 10% average return over the long term, see how much your assets can grow over the years.


(Note: As you reduce the number of years, you must increase in the amount you invest in order to achieve a smiliar result)

DRIP Index: MP63

DRIP Stocks Compared with the Market 04/17/2014
  1/1/94   Current % Change
MP 63 100.00 914.07 814.07
MP 63 Industrials (52) 100.00 952.79 852.79
Dow Jones Industrials 3754.09 16408.54 337.08
S&P 500 466.45 1864.85 299.80
NASDAQ Composite 776.80 4095.52 427.23
Russell 3000 270.13 1116.06 313.16

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    From the Editor

    Vita Nelson

    As you begin your journey into investing directly through DRIPs, you'll want to refer to this site for the latest information about the operations of the plans as well as for assistance to help you get started.

    We are constantly updating the site with new information, so you may want to make it one of your "favorites."

    Search for DRIPs gives you basic information about every company that offers direct investing. Subscribers can screen based on industry, dividend yields, fees, and many other important criteria.

    You can read capsule reviews of companies that offer plans. And you can use the investing strategies we've uncovered to maximize the advantages of DRIP investing.

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    In general, traditional brokers will buy shares for customers and hold them in "street name" (the broker's name).

    direct investment

    The results of making regular investments into a diversified group of companies through the company DRIP have proved to be superior over every time period for the past 25 years.

    With the ability to diversify and invest periodically (without fees), small individual investors can have a better chance of success than large institutional investors.

    DRIP advantages

    We've discovered that, in general, the uncertainty of markets makes it more rewarding to

    Time Your Investments ...Not the Market!



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