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The Perfect Gift For This Year's High School Graduates
A $500 Portfolio Of Stocks Likely To Make Them Millionaires

      Let's be realistic. Does your graduate really need another electronic toy? A newer edition will likely be available in a few months anyway. To help young adults prepare for a future of financial stability, I suggest you forgo traditional graduation gifts and buy them a present that will give back -- a portfolio of stocks that offer dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs). With this gift, the graduate can start off with a long-term investment strategy that costs little to start, but will result in real wealth over the long term. Here are five DRIP stocks that make up a well-diversified portfolio perfect for long term accumulation.

      First. . . What is a DRIP exactly?

      A dividend reinvestment plan, more commonly known as a DRIP, is an investment vehicle that allows a shareholder to invest directly in a company - without going through a broker. There are more than 1,000 different companies that offer DRIPs, including 3M, Foot Locker, Dr Pepper Snapple, General Mills, and Johnson & Johnson - to name just a few that your child may know and use. Plans are easily opened with a single share of the company stock. After that, investments can be as little as: Read More




These DRIP companies met our screens for certain attributes (described within) and our standards for long-term accumulation.

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Time VS. Money

Patient long-term investors will amass wealth by following the simple strategy that direct investment plans (DRIPs) make accessible to almost everyone.

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Assuming a 10% average return over the long term, see how much your assets can grow over the years.


(Note: As you reduce the number of years, you must increase in the amount you invest in order to achieve a smiliar result)